Day 10 with Myriam Bartu

Myriam Bartu would like to share Yoga Nidra, The Power of Rest with you all today.

Most of our ills and pains are caused by stress; the powerful antidote of stress is deep rest. When we rest deeply, our heart rate slows, our blood pressure stabilizes and our body goes into a state that is optimal for healing. Indeed the most powerful force of healing is within us. By distancing ourselves from our thoughts and emotions and coming back to the peace in our hearts we heal ourselves physically and mentally. This is the power of yoga nidra or “yogic sleep”, an ancient yogic meditative practice. You lie down comfortably on your back and allow yourself to be led into a deep state of rest and relaxation, more profound than sleep. A state that allows you to release tension and with regular practice resolve symptoms of stress and trauma, positively altering your brain such that you feel calmer and more connected to yourself.

Myriam shares Yoga Nidra in person and online to help people relax and connect back to the deep peace and love within. She is committed to making her sessions accessible to all and shares recordings and resources on Bathing in Love.

Today, take time for you to follow this Yoga Nidra practice for Inner Peace.

Bathing in Love – Yoga Nidra, Heart Meditation and Sound Healing


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