Day 15 with Pascale Seiler

Pari* Pascale is the founder and director of Intuity World, Asia’s 1st Business that is committed to bringing inner wisdom and awakening change for real-world success and real world solutions.

She is a Awakening Light Coach & Soul Transformational Healer & Facilitator, Author and Radio Host. She has a strong focus on awakening your light through Grief, Trauma, Transition & Loss of any kind.

She possesses the unique gift to tap into people’s lives through creating a direct channel with your higher wisdom that allows for miracles and transformations to occur. She literally blows the lid or wow’s the pants off what’s possible in her clients’ lives. They are forever altered and deeply transformed in her sessions.

Pascale is an Awakening Change Agent here at this specific time on earth to precipitate the much needed change of conscious that is called for on this planet to move from pain, suffering, separation to move to experiencing true bliss and unity where everyone truly has the right to prosper, everyone has the right to be heard and a time where true equality reigns here on earth.

Pascale is a humanitarian and a luminary coach which allows her to see and have visions for her the new earth and her clients before they happen in real time.

She is part of the team of people who have been assembled all around the world to raise our consciousness to one of living from our true god centred being, to activate our inner potential and the potential of all others living on this earth. She has had the profound privilege of working with clients from all over the world.

She will guide you to unlock the miraculous in all areas on your life whether it be financial abundance, relationships, your career and purpose she will shine a heavenly light on it all.

Born and having grown up in Hong Kong, Pascale blends the passion of the West with the loving wisdom of the East, which allows her to embrace her complete wholeness. She believes that what sets her apart is embracing all parts of who she is allowing others to do the same.

Today, she would like to share this practice for your self care. These are two Forgiveness meditations 1 and 2 is a continuation of the first one. People can use it to forgive themselves through a specific situation there dealing with. It’s a very embodied exercise and people have to focus on their breath.

Both meditations together is 21 mins;hey are broken up into 14 mins 85 first one and second 7 mins.

Forgiveness Meditation , Second Forgiveness Meditation

Intuity World Hong Kong


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