Day 16 with Paula McQuillan

What is going on with your hormones?

Paula McQuillan is a Functional Nutritionist, certified GAPS Practitioner and Health Coach who supports people to actualise their health and wellness goals through improved nutrition and lifestyle modification. She takes a functional approach, where the primary goal is to address the underlying cause of any symptoms or health concerns, aiming to get to the root cause of what is not functioning optimally and preventing you from feeling your best. Paula takes a systems-based or whole-body approach, understanding that one physiological system in the body does not function in isolation from another. She also specialises in gut health, which is receiving increasing recognition as the ‘root of all health’.

Paula works with her clients both online or in person 1-on-1, and also runs a successful 10-day Real food detox online group program which supports people to transition to a real food way of eating and to investigate possible food intolerances, with the added bonus of her delicious and easy real food recipes which make it simple for you to succeed! Paula is a self-confessed real food foodie and makes it her mission to inspire others to embrace nutrient-dense healing foods to provide real nourishment for the body.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Biological Science, Bachelor of Teaching and a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition as well as GAPS Practitioner, Functional Nutrition and Health Coach certifications. Learn more about Paula, as well as her approach and services at Nourish Me Natural .

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