Day 4 with Nathalie Sommer

Nathalie Sommer is a certified Relationship and Intimacy Coach & Transformation Coach. Nathalie helps to create a container to guide you through a process of rebirthing yourself. She specialises in the area of relationships- with man, woman and most importantly SELF. For the last 15 years of Nathalie‘s entrepreneurial journey, she‘s been working as a life coach, intuitive guide and healer, and I now combines these modalities to create powerful transformations with her feminine embodiment & women’s and couples transformational work. Unfortunately, society has built unrealistic idealisation on modern relationships! And we’re shaped by our upbringing, past and current experiences that challenge healthy relating with self and others. Therefore, there are a great many women, men and couples who are not experiencing in life and relationships what they seek. I’ve made it my mission to enable individuals and couples to experience greater intimacy, deeper connections, and to feel sensually and emotionally empowered inside and outside the bedroom.

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Nathalie shares Womb Clearing Meditation.

Nathalie Sommer 


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