Day 7 with Angela Arraiz

Meet Angeles Arraiz is a professional makeup artist. She shares some beauty tips to help you feel more radiant on any day. Apply some physical love and let your inner light shine.

“I am originally from Valencia, Spain. Moved to Hong Kong almost four years ago. I have lived and worked in different countries in Europe, the Caribbean, and Africa. Currently, work in the aviation industry as flight crew, and also trained as a makeup artist, which has been my passion for many years.

My experience in makeup artistry has ranged from character to fantasy, wedding, and event makeup.I see makeup as a way to enhance our own natural beauty, as well as a means to express our creativity.

I will share a video with tips for other women who wish to enhance their natural beauty and feel comfortable even on days when we sometimes look a bit tired or are not feeling our best. Sometimes a bit of makeup can really strengthen our confidence” Angeles.

Angeles Arraiz – Make It Up

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