Day 9 with Shikha Lamba

Shikha is the designer for Jewelry by Shikha S. Lamba. She is also the co-editor of an online magazine called Coffee and Conversations ( She is talented and creative in so many ways. I am so excited that she is sharing a creative process today with us all.

A mother of 2, she enjoys writing poetry, reading and photography in her free time, and is passionate about all things creative. She is a vocal health advocate. Having managed multiple health issues of her own, the quest to improve her own health has lead her to explore health and wellness, especially in women. Shikha will share a few mindfulness exercises she does with writing and photography. In her words “These simple exercises help me connect to nature, and be mindful. They almost make my walks meditative. The process also helps with my anxiety and always leaves me feeling grateful.”

Please read the description included in youtube video. Instructions are also attached as images as she guides you through the process.


Shikha S. Lamba Jewelry


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