Fees and Payment Policy


Registration Fee

Once your registration is approved, you will be billed a one-time registration fee of $365 (Hong Kong Dollars). The store allows you to list 20 products or virtual products or professional services.


Listing Fee

A monthly listing fee of $250 will be charge to your account if you need to add 25 more items. Listing fee is applicable whether the listed item sells. Listing fee will be billed every 5th of the month and deducted upfront. It’s important to note that listing fees are non-refundable.


Transaction Fees

GoLantau will charge 5% transaction fee of every successful sale made through us. Each vendor/seller is responsible for Paypal or Stripe transaction fees. All store sales and payments will reflect to your account within the day.

GoLantau default payment currency is HKD or Hong Kong Dollars. Each vendor is allowed to withdraw sales in their currency of chose. GoLantau is not responsible for Paypal or Stripe transaction fees or any currency loss.


Payment Processing Fees

GoLantau use Paypal and Stripe as payment partners. Paypal and Stripe charges a payment processing fee. In some cases, payment processing fees vary based on default currency and location. Vendor/Seller is responsible to pay the payment processing fee and currency exchanges.

If you don’t have account with the following payment partners, you can visit www.paypal.com and www.stripe.com to register.


Sponsorship and Advertising Fees

GoLantau offers sponsorship and advertising services to help you promote your store. Sponsorship and advertising fees vary by the opportunity. You can email us at info@golantau.com to request our Advertising Media Kit.


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