Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023

The Year of the Water Rabbit officially began on February 4, 2023 and is bringing entirely new energies into play that can help us successfully achieve our goals for this year – or face challenges if we happen to trigger some of the more negative energies or Feng Shui afflictions of the year.

To start the Water Rabbit Year with forward momentum and optimism, we will all have to make some minor adjustments in our home and/or office. Though minor, these adjustments can nevertheless have major impacts on how our 2023 turns out!

First things first, though – we need to demarcate our property into “sectors” so we know which area is most suitable for each respective activity. This is very simple and straightforward:


Step 1: Obtain the floorplan of your property and then locate the center point by drawing two lines across from all four corners.

Step 2: Next, stand at the center point and check your compass for the directions. Divide the floorplan into eight equal sections based on the correct directions as illustrated here:

The key is to identify what you want and then activate and utilize the sectors of your home/office in a targeted manner.


Wealth in 2023

Money arguably makes life easier and gives us more flexibility and freedom to live our lives to the fullest. Money also gives us the opportunity to help others and improve their lives. And while money is not everything in life, it can definitely provide you with peace of mind.

It is therefore important to focus on the wealth energies in 2023, activate them and then make use of all the opportunities that come our way thanks to these energies.

Favorable locations for wealth in 2023 are:

  • North: The #9 Annual Long-term Wealth Star brings excellent investment opportunities, money from travel, and is particularly beneficial for business owners and professional service providers.
  • South: The #8 Annual Primary Wealth Star is generally great for finances, windfall gains, bonuses and money through hard work. As such, it is best for employees and those working on a side gig from home.
  • Southwest: The #1 Annual Nobleman Star will bring support, help, word of mouth, as well as opportunities for partnerships and cooperation.


Career in 2023

Career advancement, especially in a highly competitive environment, is a critical factor in one’s success. In order to advance, we often need to acquire more and better skills than everyone around us.

To boost your career and acquire more sought-after skills that can make you indispensable for a company, use the following sectors:

  • Southwest: The #1 Annual Nobleman Star will help you find supporters, mentors and teachers all year round.
  • West: The #6 Annual Authority Star can boost your confidence, your authority at the workplace, and your ability to project power and strength. As such, it is critical for career advancement. Place yourself in this sector if you look to advance your career or do anything pertaining to job search (write your CV, look for jobs online, email companies/headhunters, take interview calls from here, etc.)


Romance in 2023

Whether single or in a committed relationship – we all want a little bit of romance in our lives! With Feng Shui, we can help enhance an existing relationship, bringing it to the next level or, in case you are single, Feng Shui can usher in some much-needed Romance Luck and bring opportunities to meet the right one.

When it comes to Feng Shui, it would be best to sleep in those sectors that are host to these types of romantic energies, regardless of your relationship status. If that is not possible, try to spend at least an hour a day here:

  • North: The Annual #9 Star is a Star of happiness and celebration and is particularly good for newlyweds or those in a new relationship.
  • Southwest: While not a romance energy, the Annual #1 Star brings new people into our lives and as such is great for single people who would like to expand their social circle.


Health in 2023

When it comes to health, we are mostly concerned with those annual Flying Stars that affect pregnant women, elderly people, young infants, and those with chronic illnesses. The central premise of Feng Shui is to avoid all those sectors – or at least avoid sleeping here – that could be harmful for these risk groups.

The locations that have the most detrimental health effects in 2023 are:

  • Northwest: The dreaded Annual #5 Calamity Star flies into the Northwest of your home or office this year and brings with it all kinds of issues – most notably health problems. Avoid spending more than 1 hour per day here.
  • East: The Annual #2 Illness Star will take up residence in the East sector in 2023. It is particularly risky for pregnant women and elderly folks with chronic health issues.

The good news is that there are also some excellent sectors you can use to improve your health and your immune system.

Ideally, sleep in one of these sectors or spend about 2 hours per day here – especially if you would like to give your health a little boost:

  • South: The Annual #8 Star is just a generic good Star we mostly use for wealth purposes. However, its positive energies extend beyond just the financial aspects and you will find them beneficial to keep you healthy.
  • West: The Annual #6 Star is the one to use if you would like to counter an illness boost your immune system.
  • North: If you are more concerned with your mental and emotional wellbeing, then you might want to move your bedroom to the North, as the Annual #9 Star is all about happiness and a good mood.


Sleep in 2023

Sleep is a critical factor in our wellbeing. Without a proper night’s sleep, all other areas of life will suffer. Thankfully, Feng Shui provides solutions for all those who suffer from insomnia or interrupted sleep.

The following locations are particularly advantageous for sleeping in 2023

  • South: Place your bed into the South, which is host to the #8 Annual Star for improved sleep and health.
  • North: A bed in the North is best for newlyweds and fosters harmony and peace. The Annual #9 Star is also great for restful sleep and overall wellbeing.
  • Southwest: The Annual #1 Star promotes healthy sleeping patterns overall.


Studies & Academics in 2023

If 2023 is a year in which you wish to excel in academics, exams, learning, studying, writing or research projects, then you might want to use Feng Shui to improve your overall performance in these areas.

The following sectors are especially good for desk placement for those who need an academic boost:

  • West: The Annual #6 Star resides here in 2023 and boosts your personal and professional advancement, as well as the ability to pick up new, challenging skillsets and talents.
  • Southwest: If you are looking for great mentors or teachers, or if you are studying together with a mentor or teacher, then do this in the Southwest sector in 2023 for better results.


Challenges & Obstacles in 2023

Every year brings challenges and opportunities – and the goal of Feng Shui is to make us aware of both and then navigate around the difficult energies while taking full advantage of all the positives around you. And while challenges and obstacles can’t be avoided completely, after all they are a part of our lives, we can always do our best to minimize them to such a degree that they hardly appear on our radar.

With that said, the following sectors should be avoided in 2023 or, if you can’t avoid them entirely because you can’t move your desk or bed, then refrain from any hammering, drilling, moving around of furniture or any Water feature installation in those areas:

  • Northwest: The Northwest of your home is host to the dreaded Annual #5 Yellow Star, which can cause all sorts of calamities and disasters. Do not renovate, hammer, drill or move furniture around in the Northwest of your home in 2023.
  • West: This is the Year Breaker and Three Killings location for 2023 and is particularly harmful for the elderly if and when activated. Refrain from sleeping here and do not disturb this sector.



About Susanne Schutz

Having lived and worked in Asia for three decades, and with extensive knowledge of business cultures in both Europe and Asia, Susanne Schutz felt that Chinese Metaphysics was missing something.

In 2014, she founded Suzhong Consulting. The company was born out of her awareness of the need for a more professionally based Chinese Metaphysics consulting service.

Susanne is uniquely positioned in her level of both business experience and Chinese Metaphysics mastery, having studied with Grandmaster Dato Joey Yap and holds four Masters Degrees in Chinese Metaphysics – Classical Feng Shui, Bazi Astrology, Chinese Date Selection, Qimen Dunjia.

Susanne bridges the gap between local Chinese Metaphysics Masters who rarely explain their practices and procedures, and cosmopolitan clients who require a more modern and adaptive approach, a deeper understanding and rationale for the solutions presented.

If you would like to learn more about Feng Shui, Bazi Astrology or have your home/office audited for the year by a professional Feng Shui Master, please contact me at sschutz@suzhongconsulting.com or at +852 9824 6974.



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