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E-Commerce Solution for Lantau Businesses

Lantau Entrepreneur, we are with you. Whether just setting out as a start-up, or looking for a smarter online shop solution, you’ll find all that you need right here. A platform made for Lantau business owner – to support your company, to grow your business with an affordable e-commerce solution, exclusively for Hong Kong businesses.

GoLantau Features

Seller-friendly Dashboard

Get paid instantly

Coupons and Deals

Tickets and Booking


Marketing done for you.. 365 days a year we’re busy creating content that grabs attention to increase your online store visitors and your online sales.

Tools you need to nurture your business.. Promotional coupons to boost revenue, sales data to analyse, a powerful dashboard to glide through, and simple content update and upload processes.

Start Selling..

The one-time registration fee is only HKD365. And that’s it. There’s no listing charge, no monthly membership fee, or recurring yearly fee to weigh you down.

Our platform were designed with you in mind – you pay 5% fee  for every sale you make.

Discover a better way of doing business


It’s easy to create a store at GoLantau. You can register at and choose your STORE NAME.  Add more information about your STORE, your email address and account password.

A one time registration fee of $365 will be billed to your Paypal or Stripe account once your vendor application is approved.

We only accept vendors or sellers from Hong Kong, Hong Kong resident and Hong Kong based registered businesses.

We use a secure payment system, Paypal and Stripe. For you to enable online payment in your store, you need to have Paypal or Stripe account. To register visit and

GoLantau platform charges is 5% +4.4 % *Paypal for every sale made through us. Each sale will be credited to your account within the day.

GoLantau platform charges 5%  of your sales + 4.4 % *Paypal or Stripe for every successful sale made through us. Each  sale will be credited to your account within the day.


You can email us at for any inquiries and store set up  support.