Need clarity for the year ahead? Find it with a Tarot Card reading

Tarot can be a powerful healing tool.

Just ask Sonia Sirgue, a certified mentor, meditation teacher and tarot reader who helps her clients navigate everything from finance, and careers to spiritual guidance and purpose.

Through their readings with Sonia, clients better understand where they are, in order to move forward and appreciate the possibilities that these steps may bring.

Sonia assures that tarot reading is a very gentle and non-judgemental tool and even those new to tarot can really relax and be themselves from the first reading.

There are many misconceptions out there when it comes to tarot, from witchcraft associations to assuming every reader is psychic. Historically, tarot is a branch of cartomancy, a form of divination that uses the signs and symbols on a set of cards. The reader interprets these to offer insight into the clients past present and future, offering intuitive guidance. One of the biggest benefits of a reading is clear perspective – something that we could all use going into 2022!

Fun fact about tarot: having their cards read might just be the only thing that Kim Kardashian, Tracey Emin and Larry King all have in common!

If you feel ready to really listen to your soul, Sonia also offers a deeper spiritual reading. Want to know what a general reading looks like? Check out Sonia’s January Tarot Monthly Reading.


Sonia is offering the first 10 people to reach out from the Lantau community a free, no obligation personal one card reading. It’s simple and the reading can be sent to you by email. Ready to give it a try? Simply submit the online form with ‘GoLantau tarot card reading’ as the message.

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