ARU - Nero D'avola. DOC Sicily 2018


Aru is the first of many wines to come from our organic heritage farm in Sicily, Italy. Aru is made from the indigenous Sicilian black grape Nero D’Avola, particularly suited to hot and arid climates. At our heritage farm we practice dry-farming to ensure highest possible quality and flavour. Dry-farming is an agricultural technique that relies only on annual rainfall to grow grapes, which is also in keeping with our ethos of sustainability. Not only does dry-farming conserve substantial reserves of water, but it also produces intensely flavored grapes that are sweeter due to their higher concentration of natural sugars.

Aru is a robust wine: cherry red, blackberry, dry, rounded and full-bodied with fruity notes. If you like Cabernet Sauvignon or New World Shirazes, you’ll love Aru. Our method of processing wine makes Aru low in sulfites, which means that there are no other additives or preservatives other than those that are generating from the fermentation process. Even though this lowers the shelf life, reducing sulfites makes Aru a healthier choice.Aru works well with rich meats, the gamier the better. Spices that also complement this red wine are anise, bay leaf, cocoa powder, coffee, orange rind and sage. If you are a vegetarian, reach for the black lentils or shitake mushrooms.

Warriors of the past understood the importance of celebration, so much so that they saw it as an artform: cultivating a hospitable ambiance, serving delectable food and drinks and making unforgettable moments for the community.

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ARU – Nero D’avola. DOC Sicily 2018