Lime Flavour Keto Syrup


Delicious drinks that give 0% calories, 0% sugar 0% carbohydrates  (natural and brown sugar flavour can be used for cooking, baking, put in coffee tea ). Help control sugar craving, lower blood sugar, maintain weight loss yet enjoy living a little.

  • Root Beer flavour , 320 ml .
  • Ketogenic formula flavoured syrup.
  • FDA Approved
  • Available in 8 flavours

Ingredients : Premium grade Stevia, Erithritol and Inulin which extracted from plants and fruits. No preservatives.

Ratio : 1 part Keto Syrup: 5 part soda water.
*Once opened must properly close and store in the fridge

Season Keto Syrup

Our Keto syrup from Thailand is now available in Hong Kong. We have 8 different flavours and all products are approved by FDA.

*Enjoy free delivery within Hong Kong when you purchased 3 bottles.

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Lime Flavour Keto Syrup