Natural Soap with Laurel Oil


As the grandfather of all soaps – Aleppo soap is one of the eldest soap in the world – mainly made of two ingredients, olive oil and laurel oil. Laurel – an ancient symbol of victory, is a natural cleanser and skin soother.


High purity vegetable oils (olive, palm, coconut, sunflower & Laurel) Caustic soda – distilled water


Provides a gentle and moisturizing cleansing to the skin. Helps heal acne problems. Anti-tightness. Helps regenerate skin cells and simulates its growth

Lebanon Made

Each bar of soap is handcrafted with love and dedication in the small town of Lebanon, in small slow-dried batches to ensure maximum formula efficacy and potency, using only the finest organic ingredients as well as traditional methods of soap making. Our soap is as natural as nature intended it to be.

Our soap is more than a bar of soap. It’s supporting local business and the economy while reducing your carbon footprint. We’re here for the long haul – to build a sustainable future in Lebanon.

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Lebanon Natural Soap with Laurel Oil
Natural Soap with Laurel Oil