In Greek legend, the hero Odysseus survived by cleverly tricking the cyclops Polyphemus. Like the giant, this wine is intense, full-bodied and legendary. It honours human genius and courage. Our wine comes from the heartland of the Nero d’Avola region in the sun-kissed fields of Sicily. There, the Kapuhala vineyard grows and produces certified, dryfarmed organic wine under the guidance of the visionary oenologist Salvo Foti. The ideal growing conditions together with marine wind and fertile loamy soil make Polyphemus the ultimate expression of the Nero d’Avola grape. Polyphemus is low in sulphites, making our wine healthier and a natural choice for the true wine lover.

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Kapuhala is a fast-growing movement that aims to build a global community of socially, environmentally and spiritually conscious people through holistic approach to training, nutrition and living.

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