Top 5 Off-screen Activities for Kids

As with so many things in life, screen time – for both ourselves and our kids – is all about balance. From interactive playbooks to fun fitness activities and baking together, we’ve rounded up five of the best ways to unplug and engage.

1. DIY Activity Kits by Cream & Sprinkle

‘Bake with Gourmet Ingredients. Play with Food Art. Learn A Life Skill.’

Make sweet memories and bond as you create delectable desserts with a creative twist. Founded by two chefs, Cream and Sprinkle are all about bringing people together to have a quality sensory experience with their carefully curated DIY boxes.

Cream and Sprinkle activity kits change monthly and you can purchase diy activity kits directly at their website and use ‘GoLantau’ code for a 10% discount.

2. Award-winning playbooks from SmartMama

Keep young minds busy for hours of play with these award-winning colourful playbooks. Each book has detachable pieces affixed by velcro on every page, designed to develop fine motor skills, enhance hand dexterity and encourage creativity.

All the products are meticulously stitched by hand and Smart Mama™ is committed to the ethical sourcing of material. They work closely with handicraft producers and traditional master embroiderers to ensure that all products achieve the finest level of quality and workmanship.

Smart Mama ™ is offering a 10% discount! Purchase directly at their GoLantau shop and enter code “CNY 2022” at check out.

3. Daily Kids Running by Kapuhala

Daily kids running classes to suit your busy schedule by Kapuhala!

The weather is so great right now, making it the perfect time for your child to join a running club! Kapuhala’s highly qualified coaches integrate games and fun activities into all the running in each class, so your kids always get a good structured workout without even realising it.

Free trial available! Sign up now by WhatsApp 91200177. Location: Discovery Bay

4. Kids Muay Thai with Coach Cindy

Muay Thai is the perfect way for you and your kids to burn energy, build strength, quicken their reflexes and learn self-defence – all from a two-time Hong Kong Muay Thai Champion!

Coach Cindy runs Mumfit and Kids, which offers classes for mums and kids. Learn all about the sport and feel comfortable and confident in a women-friendly, stress-free environment.

To book your free trial, WhatsApp Coach Cindy on +852 6151 4364. Location: Discovery Bay/ Available for Group Training Request

5. Private Rugby Classes by RugbyTots

RugbyTots fun, structured play sessions take children on a journey of sporting imagination. Their engaging and energetic coaches offer support every step of the way whilst teaching your kids how to catch, pass, kick, run with the ball and play as part of a team.

They offer 45-minute classes for tots as young as 2 (with full parent participation) and kids can continue up to age 7. Programmes are tailored to different age groups ensuring that RugbyTots live up to their motto to “make it more fun.”

Book your private class at Location: Discovery Bay, Mui Wo

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